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What Parents Have to Say

“We were shocked when we realized how affordable the tuition rates are at CCS.  [Our daughter] wakes up every morning excited to attend school.  The classes are small and intimate, and she receives the one-on-one attention that is so important during the formative years.  There is a real sense of community amongst the children at the school.”

Ronnie and Terra

“We as a family are so very grateful to the teachers and the other parents who make CCS such a safe, welcoming, and supportive school. The values that you instill are exactly the values that I want my children to carry with them when they go out into this world.”

Don and Shannon

“CCS presents an amazing God-centered curriculum for the children. I have been amazed at how many verses our girls have memorized. They have developed a desire to learn and a greater respect for their school.”

Anonymous Parent

What Students Have to Say

I love my school because…

“we learn about how Jesus is our Savior. We get to praise Him and draw pictures of what He made. We also get to learn about the continents.”

Anonymous Student

I love my school because…

“we are able to express our own way of learning.  We all know each other well enough to form a bond with each other.  I also love that the teachers are so easy going!”

Anonymous Student

I love my school because…

“it’s fun to learn about God and pray together. I like to spend time with my friends and my teacher. I want to stay here forever!”

Anonymous Student

What Teachers Have to Say

“I can now pray with, not just for my peers; pray with, not just for my students.  I can now turn to the Giver of Knowledge for our knowledge.”

Tom Considine, High School Teacher

“I have been able to see God’s hand working in people’s hearts to accomplish His will and further His kingdom. We are fully aware that our school would not exist without Him. I am humbled and excited that the Master Teacher has chosen me to be a part of His work, teaching others about Him.”

Lynette Baerlocher, 1st-2nd Grade Teacher

“There is such a presence of God at this school, a passion for excellence for His glory, and a oneness of mind. God has shown His presence and His faithfulness to me and this school from the moment I stepped foot on this campus, and I know that He is not done with us yet.”

Tracy Diers, 3rd-5th Grade Teacher