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Jim was ordained as “Pastor” late in his working career (2006), after having served 40 plus years as an adult Bible teacher and periodically as elder at Walnut Hill Bible Church in Baraboo. His walk with the Lord began via the witness of a young lady (Joann), who was to become his wife for the next 50 years and still counting. Since earning a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Wisconsin in 1966, the Lord has taken Pastor Jim through a series of diverse occupations. Jim says that his life experiences seem to have been designed to prepare him for teaching the high school Biblical Worldview course at CCS.

Drafted into the Army during the Vietnam War and following basic training plus Office Training School, he spent one year stateside and a second year in Thailand as a Combat Engineer Lieutenant. Upon his return to Wisconsin to pursue UW graduate studies, Jim, along with several of his UW associates, opened a land planning firm (and at the same time Jim served as a Teaching Assistant in a Business Development class—all of which enabled Jim to develop management and “group decision-making” skills). After seven years, Jim’s life took a surprising twist that resulted in his serving in the public arena for the next twenty years. A four-year unsuccessful (but close!) run for the congressional seat in Wisconsin’s 2nd district in 1978 and 1980 led to Jim being asked to develop a conservative state-based “Think Tank” by The Wisconsin Institute. Jim’s experience with The Wisconsin Institute led to his determination that what was needed was a state-based legislative “Christian” foundation, resulting in his co-founding The Christian Research Institute in 1985. Now known as the Wisconsin Family Council, it is interesting to note that “The Truth Project” film series being used in his Biblical Worldview course was produced by Focus on the Family and came to Wisconsin via The Wisconsin Family Council. Intermixed with his other experiences, Jim has served as a Corporate Human Resource Director for over ten years. Out of all his experiences, Pastor Jim will readily acknowledge that the opportunity to serve as “Pastor” has been the most rewarding and fulfilling of them all, and topping it off, the privilege to ground CCS high school students in the word of God!

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