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What Parents Have to Say

“We were shocked when we realized how affordable the tuition rates are at CCS.  [Our daughter] wakes up every morning excited to attend school.  The classes are small and intimate, and she receives the one-on-one attention that is so important during the formative years.  There is a real sense of community amongst the children at the school.”

Ronnie and Terra

“We as a family are so very grateful to the teachers and the other parents who make CCS such a safe, welcoming, and supportive school. The values that you instill are exactly the values that I want my children to carry with them when they go out into this world.”

Don and Shannon

“CCS presents an amazing God-centered curriculum for the children. I have been amazed at how many verses our girls have memorized. They have developed a desire to learn and a greater respect for their school.”

Anonymous Parent

1. Your child is only young once; give them an education they can be proud of.

Classically-inspired Christ-centered Education

CCS embraces  a Christian educational model, a teaching methodology that uses an integrated biblical worldview curriculum to train students to become critical thinkers and self-learners.

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Qualified Faculty

All CCS faculty have at least a bachelor’s degree.  Several have master’s degrees.  They all have multiple years of experience teaching.  Most importantly, they all profess saving faith in Jesus Christ.

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Student Programs

Beyond the classroom, CCS offers several exciting programs for students, including yearbook, student council, archery, Forensics, music, art, physical education, weekly chapels, class field trips, and service projects. Sixth through eighth grade students can play basketball on the extra-curricular CCS Royals basketball team. Sixth through twelfth grade students can play intramural volleyball.


CCS has been awarded accreditation by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).   Accreditation is a formal recognition by an accrediting agency that a school is a safe environment for students and is substantially meeting its academic goals and fulfilling its mission statement.  Receiving accreditation is a mark of maturity and stability that communicates a school’s credibility to the local community.

Outstanding Facilities

  • six acre campus in the country
  • former public school building
  • all classrooms have large windows providing natural light
  • gymnasium, library, and playground

Small Class Sizes

Small class sizes allow CCS teachers to provide individualized attention to each student.  Teachers have the time and ability to work with each student one-on-one, addressing their unique challenges in order to ensure their academic success.

What Students Have to Say

I love my school because…

“we learn about how Jesus is our Savior. We get to praise Him and draw pictures of what He made. We also get to learn about the continents.”

Anonymous Student

I love my school because…

“we are able to express our own way of learning.  We all know each other well enough to form a bond with each other.  I also love that the teachers are so easy going!”

Anonymous Student

I love my school because…

“it’s fun to learn about God and pray together. I like to spend time with my friends and my teacher. I want to stay here forever!”

Anonymous Student

2. We do more than just educate; we train in Christian worldview.

Christian Educational Philosophy

At CCS, we don’t believe that superior academics are in conflict with a vibrant spiritual life.  A Christian school ought to combine the best of both worlds: fostering an environment of sincere faith without straying into hypocrisy, and demonstrating academic excellence without falling into a “Christian bubble” mindset.

We are here to support the local church in making disciples of Jesus Christ, and to support Christian families in raising godly children.  Our goal at CCS is not to usurp the parent’s role in the lives of their children, but to come alongside the parents and partner with them in the development of their child’s education and their child’s relationship with Jesus Christ.  This is why we have biblical integration in all of our classes, in addition to daily Bible classes, weekly chapels, and quarterly service projects.

What we are doing at CCS is so much more than mere education: it is training for a life of Christian service.

3. It's more affordable than you think.

We all have limited financial resources, and private education isn’t cheap. But the education of our children is more important than the neighborhood we live in, the car we drive, and the retirement savings we accrue.”
Bob Thune
CCS ($1,800-$5,300)
Average WI private school tuition ($3,103-$8,146)
Baraboo School District spending per student ($10,615)

In our 2015 Parent Survey, 93% of parents felt that CCS provides a quality education for the cost of tuition.

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